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Bahraini industrial sector companies profits reach 38 million in Q1

Bahrain - May 25, 2015

The industrial sector companies enlisted in Bahraini Bourse achieved profits of 38 million BD during the first quarter of the incumbent year.

The industrial sector consists of three main companies which are: Delmon Poultry, Bahrain Flour Mills, and Aluminim Bahrain.

Delmon Poultry profits reached during the first quarter of 2015 489.9 thousand BD compared with 267.4 thousand BD achieved in the same period of last year to rise by 82%. The company is mainly engaged in poultry slaughtering, packaging and marketing it in the domestic markets.

While Flour Mills Co. profits reached 319.5 thousand BD compared with 364.6 thousand BD in 2014 to decline by 12.4%.

Aluminum Bahrain (AlBA) presided Bahraini industrial sector with profits value of 37.2 million BD jumping by 117% from last year profits which reached 17.1 million BD.


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