Bahrain’s Crown Prince put STRATEGY of social distancing


In Manama, Bahrain’s Crown Prince stated that the kingdom put a strategy to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This strategy aims for decreasing the social gathering to five people or fewer and remains the most effective strategy in combating the virus. Also, it ensures the family life and economic productivity could continue within a well-managed framework of free movement. 

His Royal Highness Prince Salman of Bahrain greets his people for their self-control and civic responsibility by sticking to the rules and measures already embraced. His Royal Highness stated people should continue in withstanding to the government instructions since it is very critical.

Bahrain’s Crown Prince thanked the ministries for their conformity and rapid response. Additionally, HRH reiterated that their huge efforts have succeeded to date and the basic partnership between the government and its citizens leads to this success.

The Crown Prince also continued that Bahrain’s commitment to defeating the virus was real. The government plans to maintain the health and safety of its people and no one will stop its decisions and capability for keeping its instructions.

His Royal Highness concluded that citizens had a vital and ongoing role to play and by applying them well, Bahrain would show up its strength and capability.