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China Harbour Engineering wins Aramco’s contract to develop two oil islands

Saudi Arabia - September 13, 2018

China Harbour Engineering, a subsidiary of the leading China Communications Construction Company that is specialized in infrastructure development, has been awarded a contract of an undisclosed value by Saudi Aramco.

As per the contract, the Chinese company will develop two man-made islands to support the drilling operations in the Berri offshore oilfield located off the east coast of the Saudi Arabian kingdom.

Saudi Aramco has awarded China Harbour Engineering a contract to build two man-made islands to support drilling in the Berri offshore oilfield located off the east coast. The contract has been signed by Fahad Al Helal, vice president of project management at Saudi Aramco, and Wu Yuansheng, ghe eral manager of China Harbour Engineering Arabia.

The first of the two islands to be developed, Sita A, will span around 1.6 hectares of land; the second island, Site B, on the other hand, will span around 26 hectares. Both projects are due for completion in 2020.

Awarding the aforementioned contract comes as a milestone in Aramco’s Berri Increment Program, a development program which aims at increasing Berri’s oilfield’s production capacity by around 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The program also comprises the development of gas processing facilities at Khursaniyah Gas Plant to make it capable of producing 40,000 barrels of hydrocarbon condensate per day.

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