Commercial Real Estate is a Central Economic Contributor to UAE’s Growth


The future-ready commercial real estate industry in the UAE is considered as a huge and significant contributor to its economy. The government’s economics and overall policy are set stages as a central contributor and laying the roadmap for.

In the industry, building operations are the key to huge quantities of data. The commercial real estate is realizing the incredible operational advantages, property maintenance, and energy management, extracting insights using AI analytics and gain system-wide intelligence through the machine.

In a recent benchmark study, a study is conducted across commercial real estate owners from the US, Middle East, and Indian markets, significant evidence is found supporting these trends. The ‘2020 State of CRE (commercial real estate) Operations 3.0’ highlights and reveals the industry for change in the global real estate industry. The owners are looking to invest 65 percent of Opex into data-driven energy maintenance and 40 percent into tech-driven predictive maintenance.

The commercial real estate industry has recognized its benefits and its turning point from the success of data-driven technologies in which delivered across several countries.

The next evolution of the commercial real estate, CRE 3.0, will serve the network of connected buildings purpose well. Marked by data aggregation on a portfolio-central platform and the use of modular apps to perform data-driven operations could be the blueprint for future-ready buildings.

The UAE’s dynamic commercial real estate industry is an active key role in the future. Already a nation is acknowledged as being an early adaptor of breakthrough technologies, its reputation for being future-ready through several people-centric and progressive policies in recent years.

Overall, the imminent Expo 2020 event in Dubai is coming at the perfect time by adopting tech-driven evolution in user experience, efficient use of resources and sustainability.

Against this backdrop, the UAE’s commercial real estate industry is well-positioned to play an influential mission in reframing the nation’s next chapter aligned with its local and global objectives.