Concrete shortage affects construction sector performance in Bahrain

Bahrain Bahrain concrete

A number of real estate contractors in Kingdom of Bahrain referred to the impact of concrete lack in on construction sector in Bahrain.

It’s worth mentioning that construction sector contributed in Bahrain GDP of 2014 by 799 million BD.

In the same context; Ali Marhon, the head of Real Estate Contractors Association in Bahrain, said that shortage of concrete in Bahrain led to deficiency in many other fundamental building materials like bricks and concrete.

The reprecussions of concrete shortage resulted in prices hike, as concrete prices increased from 28 to 36 BD, it led also to work delay and affected contractor’s works.

Marhon assured that Real Estate Contractors Association received many complaints concerning concrete shortage besides other building materials. Marhon referred to the impact of the current shortage on construction sector contribution in Bahrain GDP which could drop compared to last year’s percentage.