Covid-19: Aldar facilitates rentals and abdicates fees for clients


Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi’s leading property developer, has declared programs worth Dh100 million to support its residents in tough times due to coronavirus impact.

The announcement is followed by Abu Dhabi Government initiatives to support businesses and the community in general.

Chairman of Aldar stated that they are grateful for the decision taken to limit the impact of unpredictable market conditions on the business. The initiatives launched by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and the Dh100 billion support package supported by the UAE Central Bank will fortify the resilience of the company’s economy. The programs launched by the company continue to form part of their long term sustainable approach towards their economy and stakeholders.

Aldar has prepared for their business plan to cope with the current environment. The company, for instance, has started remote working, delayed business travel, decreased personal travel and lessened external meetings in line with its commitment to protecting the health and prosperity of its employees and guests. Also, it continuously reconsiders rules in place and prepared plans which include higher levels of sanitization through office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and schools in line with the World Health Organisation and Department of Health instructions.

Some of the initiatives for helping customers is providing tenants of its over 5,000 unit residential portfolio till the end of 2020, allowing Dh4 billion for the timely payment and the company’s commitments to its contractors and suppliers, and helping residents to connect to retailers by delivering and virtual personal shoppers programs by prepared offers and free delivery.