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Dar Al Kawthar Announces The Swap Service of Estate

UAE - January 30, 2015
Dar Al Kawthar

The chairman of the board of director of “Dar Al Kawthar Real Estate”, Ahmed al-saffar announced that the company launched the swap service of properties in Oman from lands, villas and apartment with properties in both Dubai and Sharjah that includes residential units.

The reasons behind the trade off with these two emirates is due to the fact that the leasing and purchasing process in these countries achieve revenues that range between 7 to 9% per year.

Al Saffar also continued that all these properties are certified and documented from Dubai Government by Land & Property Management.

Dar Al Kawthar Real Estate is considered the first company that offers this trading service of properties which allows customers to easily move from one property to another.


Source: argaam.com

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