Dar Al Kawthar Real Estate Company launches Dubai branch

UAE Dar Al kawthar

Dar Al Kawthar Real Estate has opened a new branch in Dubai located on Sheikh Zayed Street. The new branch will market the company’s in addition to other companies’ products. Dubai branch will be entitled also to follow-up Dar Al Kawthar construction projects in Dubai.

The company is now marketing Silicon Gates 1, 2, 3, and 4 project. The project cumulative cost reached 350 million dollars, it includes 836 apartments with various sizes made to meet customers’ taste.

The project is surrounded by massive and magnificent green areas. It guarantees for all residence a spacious balcony overlooking the gardens, total privacy, in addition to opportunities to enjoy calmness and beautiful nature.

Silicon Gates complex includes a number of amenities: 2 spas, fitness gum, coffee shop, children area, and many other facilities.

Dar Al Kawthar branch in Dubai will display way more projects in Dubai, Turkey, and Oman Sultanate which includes freehold apartments project in Al Daharez region, Salalah City which lies on the southern coast of Oman.