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Developers requested to send Housing Ministry daily statistics of their sales

Saudi Arabia - June 25, 2015

The Saudi Housing Ministry called all real estate developers participating in the Eastern Province Housing Exhibition to submit a daily statistic of their sales value achieved every day.

The official spokesperson of the Housing Ministry, Abdullah Al Ghanmy, stressed on the importance of complying with this demand and submitting the statistics daily in order to gather and analyze date and to be able to solve any problem expected to happen.

The agreed work flow in residential units marketing exhibitions in Riyadh, Jeddah or Eastern Province consists of a number of phases; after signing the primary contract with the developer the benefactor hands the contract draft to the ministry employee in the exhibition who in turn sends it to the ministry, as soon as the Housing Ministry receives the contract it calls the benefactor and asks him to sign the official contract.

However, the ministry’s demand to real estate developers participating in the exhibition is due to not receiving any contract signed with benefactors in the Eastern Province exhibition.


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