Ithmaar finishes foundation works for Dilmunia Grand Canal and Marina


Ithmaar Development Company, the renowned Bahrain-based real estate developer and the name behind Dilmunia Island major project, has announced a major update in the development of the man-made island as it has completed of the foundation and soil preparation works phase for Dilmunia Grand Canal and Marina.

The $4.5m contract for the foundation works, which was awarded to NSCC International near the end of the last year, included soil improvement works for 8.8 hectares of land and construction of two kilometers of pile wall, as well as compacting the soil over the entire planned length of Dilmunia Grand Canal. With this step done, Ithmaar can now move on to the last phase of the Grand Canal construction process.

As one of the main landmarks of Dilmunia Island, Dilmunia Grand Canal and Marina is going to comprise multiple attractions including promenades, water fountains, water walls, and boardwalks.

The canal, which will surround the island in an arc-shaped manner, stretches over the distance of 1.7 kilometers with a width that varies between 15 and 35 meters along its length.

A $1.6bn mega development conceptualized to be a major wellness and healthcare destination, Dilmunia is a mixed-use project located off Muharraq island’s coast with the purpose. The man-made island spans over 125 hectares of reclaimed lands.