UAE news: DLD adopts artificial intelligence technology in smart valuation process


The Dubai Land Department ( DLD ) announced the completion of the first phase of a project that uses artificial intelligence ( AI) as part of the good valuation strategy for actual property units.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of the Dubai Land Department, said: “The Land Department is constantly seeking to strengthen Dubai’s leading position as a vital model for smart cities in the world through teamwork with various departments, constructive cooperation and the foundational structure of a smart city which you can practice the ease of doing business. ” We also consider that this kind and pioneering mission will help us raise our ranking in the international competency indicators by providing the most effective evaluation companies to our clients with excessive speeds and complete transparency. All this is further evident given that our cadres are certified and highly educated to deal with this applied science in addition to providing the most effective purposes that can be handled simply.

Majed Saqr Al-Marri, Executive Director of the Registration and Real Estate Companies Sector at the Land Department, described this service as a great development in providing high-quality companies with a high degree of efficiency that guarantees the comfort and happiness of the buyer.

He also added, “The smart evaluation team has worked with a third party from the private sector represented by the” Crayon “company to achieve an unprecedented achievement by relying on artificial intelligence in the smart evaluation of real estate units and providing immediate, reliable and robust service. As a result, real estate units will be evaluated without the need for most of the required documents. , By linking local databases and external systems using an advanced artificial intelligence model, based on accurate algorithms to analyze millions of transactions and data with extreme precision.

The steps to conduct the assessment through the smart application “Dubai Rest”, starting with identifying the type of user, determining the means of entry, providing the ID number, and receiving a message containing the verification number. Once all the owner’s data and the property’s data appear, the user will choose the property to be evaluated to show the property’s data directly. After that, all the required documents must be submitted and the fees paid through “My Money” wallet, and a confirmation will be issued for the payment process. The process ends with the delivery of the evaluation certificate directly to the client.