Abu Dhabi’s DoT completes Yas Channel expansion before Formula1

Abu Dhabi's DoT completes Yas Channel expansion before Formula1

The Department of Transport, DoT, announced that it has completed the Yas channel expansion project just before the start of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The project included some dredging work to ensure the safety of the passing yachts towards Yas Marina, including the deepening of the shallow channel entrance by 6m and the expansion of its width from 130m to 260m.

DoT has finished the project ahead of the schedule in aim to facilitate the marine navigation movement and enhance the safety of maritime transport just before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 that is hosted annually at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. F1 is one of the major events that attract numerous numbers of people from all over the world.

Executive Director of the Maritime Sector at DoT, Captain Saif Al Muhairi, pointed out that the department strived to implement the project in a timely manner according to the highest standards and practices.

Al Muhairi added that the project supports the major tourism events hosted in Abu Dhabi and said that the expansion of the channel preserves the safety of the maritime transport and attracts the public. The project comes in time that Abu Dhabi witnesses an increasing interest in maritime leisure activities.

It is expected that Yas Channel will attract more than 400 luxurious yachts during Formula1 and that will result in a great positive impact on the maritime leisure sector.