Dubai Hills Mall project completed its roads and bridges


Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has announced the completion of the road and bridge construction work leading to the new Dubai Hills Mall project, which includes 13 bridges spanning 3700 meters long and 11-22 meters wide, with a combined capacity of 23,500 vehicles per hour.

The main bridge was opened on Umm Suqeim Street on Saturday, while the opening of other bridges will be timing with the opening of the mall located at the intersection of Umm Suqeim Street and Al Khail Road.

The completion of roads and bridges leading to Dubai Hills Mall, along with the associated infrastructure works and improvements of Umm Suqeim Street, will provide direct entry and exit points for the area from and to Al Khail Road and Umm Suqeim Street. This will ensure a seamless traffic flow to and from the Dubai Hills Mall.

The project provides three entry points to those coming from Deira, Umm Suqeim, and Jebel Ali as well as direct exit points to Al Khail Road and Umm Suqeim Street. It will increase the capacity of Umm Suqeim Street and junctions; which will streamline the traffic flow in both directions of the street. Such improvements will slash the transit time on Umm Suqeim Street in the sector between Mohammed bin Zayed and Al Khail Roads from 18 to 7 minutes.

Ten bridges have entry and exit points to and from the Dubai Hills Mall by Al Khail Road. The new bridges have lanes leading directly to the mall, with 7,500 cars taken per hour.

While Umm Suqeim Bridge, which stretches 500 meters and includes four lanes in each direction, can handle up to 8,000 vehicles per hour per direction.

The project serves about 115,000 residents of nearby communities such as Al Barsha South, Arjan, Dubai Hills, and others.

The project also includes improving the internal roads of Dubai Hills Estate to facilitate the movement of residents of Al Barsha South 1 and 2 by connecting with new roads and bridges and Dubai Hills Real Estate. The works included traffic lights, switching power lines, and utilities, and landscapes.