Dubai steps to draw in tourists and athletes

UAE Dubai steps

The Dubai steps project will be a means to boost tourism in the city and attract athletes from across the globe, as announced by Abdullah Rafei, assistant director-general of the planning and engineering sector at Dubai Municipality.

The project was recently adopted by Sheikh Muhammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, as part of Dubai’s up-and-coming vertical projects.

Dubai steps will boast a unique design, and soar 100 meters high -equivalent to 25-storeys- with 500 steps. It will also hold 5 separate areas for events. The project’s schedule is expected to last a year following the first day of execution. The exact area of the project is still unknown.

Rafei added that the project will not cover a large surface area on the ground. The last step of the project is expected to become an open-air gym.

Construction will include a dedicated space for sporting and entertainment events and restrooms after every 100 steps, so as to serve the needs of all users of the stairs.

Once completed, the project will consist of 500 steps that will not only serve as a tourist attraction but as a recreational sports activity as well.  The Steps project, according to Dubai Municipality, is expected to be 100 metres high, which is as high as a 25-storey building.