Dubai will be a strong partner for investors and developers in the post-pandemic phase


Dubai is a strong partner to real estate investors, developers, and corporate occupiers thanks to strict arrangements made by management
The real estate consultant said that Dubai provides strong coordination and clarity on responsibilities, which allows for a predictable investment regime, as well as leadership, to advance long-term agendas.
Dubai is one of a number of cities identified in the JLL Cities Business Report as being fast, capable and productive in responding to opportunities.
Thierry Delvo, CEO of JLL MEA said: “As the report highlights, cities like Dubai are better equipped to enter into sustainable partnerships with investors and developers, given their management models.
“What 2020 proved is that despite the importance of the overall fundamentals, qualitative characteristics such as good governance, management, health, and safety will have a major impact on where people choose to live and work.
“These factors will play a huge role in making the decision to move forward and in determining which cities will emerge as resilient cities in the post-pandemic phase.”
Jeremy Kelly, Director of Global Research at JL, said that cities need strong governance, a high level of transparency, and intermediation between city stakeholders and the private sector, in order for them to achieve effective results in the future.
“We believe responsible investors and companies will increasingly seek capable, agile city partners with a clear vision of a sustainable and inclusive future,” he said.