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Durrat Al Bahrain Bay launches Nawah Real Estate

Bahrain - January 10, 2016
Durrat Al Bahrain

Bahrain Investors Center, the governmental organ entitled to register the companies and the commercial organizations in Bahrain which is affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, has registered around 36 different companies with a total capital value worth 874.2 thousand BHD during the period between 2nd and 8th of January.

The registry showed recording Nawah Real Estate by Durrat Al Bahrain Bay with a capital worth 250 thousand BHD. The company is licensed to in buying and selling properties.

Durrat Al Bahrain Bay Company is a real estate investment company headquartered in Bahrain and Gulf, it owns Durrat Al-Bahrain project which lies on the southern coast of Bahrain.

Durrat Al-Bahrain is a bundle of fancy islands counting 15 which includes around 1000 villas with magnificent front ends in addition to a myriad of facilities including spas, resorts, parks, mosques, international schools, retail markets, and Golf course of 18 holes.

The project development cost was estimated 6 billion dollars and it is a joint venture between Bahrain government and Kuwait Financial House (KFH) which is one of the first banks in Gulf offering Shariah compliant services.

The project upon completion is expected to host around 60,000 residents in addition to 4500 daily visitors.

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