Durrat marina participates in Cityscape global event in Dubai 2016

Bahrain درة مارينا

Durrat marina company, one of the major real estate companies in Bahrain, announces its participation in cityscape global 2016, which will be held between 6 to 8 September 2016 in Dubai International Trade Center. The main goal of the participation is the marketing of its current and future development projects in the kingdom, also it will review the available opportunities for investors to choose what suits them.

Mr. Waleed Saffy, the CEO of Durrat Marina company, said that the participation in cityscape event doesn’t mean a support of real estate sector only but it represents also an opportunity to contribute to the national economy and support growth in the real estate and tourism sectors through the attractive projects of the company.

Mr. Osman Gena-hy, the CEO of the investment and marketing in the company, said that the company participation will certainly lead to increasing the investment desires in the second phase of Durrat Marina project which has a good reputation at the regional and national level as one of the attractive investment opportunities in Bahrain.

Durrat marina project is one of the real estate investment projects in the middle east which is being implemented on the multi-use waterfront. Also, the company will show workflow steps in the first phase of the project in addition to which is completed of it.

It is worth mentioning that Durrat Marina is a Bahraini joint stock company which has been established according to Bahrain laws. The company is owned to both, the INOVEST company  by 60% and Durrat Al Bahrain Bay by 40% which is owned equally by Gulf Finance House and the company’s property.