Dyar El Muharrraq reclaims the project barren lands


Dyar El Muharrraq  Company, which is believed to be one of the best real estate development companies in Bahrain, declared the completion of reclaiming all lands earmarked for the project.

Dyar El Muharraq assigned Great Lakes Nass to undertake the reclamation process of the project barren lands which started in November 2006.

Maher El Shaer, the executive manager of Dyar El Muharraq, has reflected his satisfaction by the project completion on the preassigned schedule. El Shaer praised Great Lakes Nass efforts in delivering the project on time.

El Shaer praised also the cooperation and partnership between the two companies, saying that the success in delivering the project on time will contribute in intensifying all efforts on finishing the project infrastructure and facilities.

Dyar El Muharraq is considered a promising project in Bahrain for all prospects and potential it has, as it mingles between habitual, business and recreational units in a luxurious and contemporary model.