Edamah to invest 403.4 million in five huge real estate projects

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Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company “Edamah” announced in the words of its Chief Executive Officer, Miray Mustafa Bapti that the company is embarking on constructing five huge real estate projects within its real estate portfolio with a total cost of 403.4 million BHD.

These projects are project Saada, Versailles Plaza, the development of the waterfront in Muharraq, Sharwah project, The Terminal and the development of the northern coast of Hawar Islands.

It is expected that such movement will create jobs for more than two thousand persons by 2017.

With a total cost of  two million dinars, Bapti revealed that the company is in the construction process of Versailles Plaza. The project is inspired by the gardens of Versailles located in France. It is expected that the project will include different shops, restaurants and cafes.

As for the development of the waterfront in Muharraq which is known as “the happiness project”, the total cost of the project reached 45 million dinars. The project will include many recreational facilities such as restaurants and cafes.

On the other side, ‘The Terminal” construction works have already started and are expected to come to an end by this year’s third quarter. A Multi-storey parking lot, ‘The Terminal is expected to accommodate more than 300 cars. It will also contain various restaurants and cafes.

Bapti also added that the company has embarked on constructing Sharwah project in Isa Town which consists of 24 shops. Also, she revealed that the last project in the company’s real estate portfolio, the development of the northern coast of Hawar Islands; consists of three stages that will be all completed all by 2021.