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El Nakheel returns back to Vietnam

UAE - December 21, 2014

Nakheel real state plans, according to the Vietnamese Dauto newspaper, to return back again to Vietnam, to “Quang Ninh” governorate specifically.

The project El Nakheel is scheduled to work on launched in 2007, however, the company stopped the construction process due to financial ordeals.

El Nakheel project is expected to be one of the best urban and tourism projects in “Quangh Ninh” governorate, it will take place in an international heritage location there.

El Nakheel has paid all due debts which reached 7.9 billion Durhams 4 years before the payment due date.

It is worth saying also that El Nakheel profits has increased in the last 4 years by 123% to reach 9.4 billion Durhams in 2014 in comparison with 4.2 billion Durhams in 2010.

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