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First real estate organization in Middle East is proclaimed in Bahrain

Bahrain - December 31, 2014

Bahrain Kingdom witnessed the proclamation of (BaPDA) organization, the first real estate development organization in the Kingdom and the whole Middle East region.

The new organization includes more than 18 real estate development companies. The organization aims to put together the largest number of properties companies, it works also on enhancing the applied real estate regulations to upgrade the real estate sector performance in Bahrain to the maximum level.

It aims also to promulgate the real estate industry, improve the cooperation between real estate companies from one side, governmental and non-governmental entities from another in order to set the perfect standards of real estate development.

BaPDA aims also to establish a real estate institute in Bahrain to attract students from all around Gulf region who will benefit from its academic courses in real estate field such as accounting, development, analysis, and brokerage.


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