First tropical forest in the Middle East in Dubai


Damac Real Estate announced the development of the first tropical forest in the Middle East within the project “Akoya oxygen” and the scheduled completion date of the development of the forest is due before Expo 2020. This forest will represent one of the world’s Wonders as it will join the main tourist attractions in the world.

It is worth mentioning that the design of this forest will work mainly on creating a natural environment experience where Tropical rain forests in the Amazon will be hired in order to give a true reflection of the natural environment.

Forest visitors will be accompanied into a world beyond their imagination through climbing and flying through the tree tops in addition to treatments with hot water to relax and the forest also offers great accommodation for a romantic wedding ceremonies and other seductive services.

Akoya oxygen is one of the most Eco-friendly projects in the emirate, which extends over an area of 55 million square feet in Dubai Land and it includes villas and townhouses that are surrounded by a green scenery.

Currently the construction of 13,000 housing units have been completed while the remaining 38,000 units are still in various stages of construction in addition to the 10,000 hotel rooms and a full-service hotel apartments.