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Dubai Properties awards ‘floating homes’ contract

UAE - January 29, 2017
floating homes

Dubai Properties has awarded its floating homes contract to Finnish company Admares. The homes, to be built on the banks of the Dubai Canal, will be shipped to the UAE when completed.

Phase 1 will include 10 water homes, two restaurants, and a yacht club, as part of the Marassi Business Bay project.

Designed and built in Finland, the floating homes will appear to be floating on water. However, they will be anchored to the canal base.

Mikael Hedberg, the chief executive of Admares, said: “Our objective is to create unique, innovative and environmentally friendly real estate products, utilizing groundbreaking, multi-disciplinary off-site construction technology.”

Launched in May of last year, Marassi Business Bay will be complete within 5-7 years. Construction first began in October 2016.

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