Foreign real estate trading in Bahrain climbs 43%

Bahrain Foreign real estate trading in Bahrain

Bahrain’s Department of Public Relations and Media has announced that foreign real estate trading in the country recorded a 43% rise during Q2 of 2016.

Q2 trading totalled BHD292 million ($774 million), with a 9% increase in comparison to Q1 of this year, which had come to BHD268 million ($710 million). This is, however, an 11% decrease in comparison to the same period last year.

Real estate trading was dominated by Bahraini locals, who claimed 91% in Q1 and 92% in Q2. They were followed by GCC locals whose share dropped from 5% in Q1 to 3% in Q2.

According to the report, foreign real estate trading saw a massive 43% increase from Q1, coming up to over BHD15 million ($40 million) in Q2. Q1 had recorded only BHD10.6 million ($28 million) for foreigners.