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Funding approved for Al Ghaydaa Towers project

Kuwait - February 4, 2015
أبراج الغيداء مكة

The Kuwaiti RASAN financial services company has obtained the approval of a number of financial entities and banks on funding Al Ghaydaa Towers project in Mecca.

Fouad Al Hamoud, the company’s chairman, has mentioned to Al Qabas newspaper that the project finding will fit its needs, the project is located in Al Mansour street and comprises from 9 towers specialized in hospitality services for Muslim pilgrims visiting the city.

Al Ghaydaa towers project is extended on 18600 square meters and is 700 meters far from the new Haram expansion project. The project is planned to include 4050 residential and hotel units besides 11 restaurants and a parking lot to occupy 1000 vehicles.

Al Hamoud added also that Al Ghaydaa towers could accommodate 20 thousand guest on the same time, the project is seen as one of the pioneering projects in Mecca contributing in doubling the number of real estate units in the city.


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