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Habtoor Leighton undertakes a contract worth 7.2 million dollars

UAE - July 26, 2015

Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG) was awarded an award worth 7.2 million dollars from Abu Dhabi Ports to construct the secondary infrastructure phase of Area A in Khalifa Industrial Zone.

The project sprawls on 52 square kilometers, the project includes many facilities and services like roads network, sewage network, potable water station and pipes network, in addition to a telecommunications network.

Habtoor Leighton Group is awaited to commence the construction works this month, while the project will be delivered by March 2017.

Habtoor Leighton managing director, Jose Lopis-Moniz, said that the contract proves that the group remains a substantial option for all clients as HLG demonstrated its ability to execute major and sophisticated projects.


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