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Housing Ministry announces completing 84% of its project in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia - February 23, 2016
Ministry of Housing

The Ministry of Housing announced completing 84% of its project in Riyadh. The ministry cleared that project includes 2,242 land parcels equipped with all needed facilities like electricity, communications, etc. The project includes also 606 apartments specialized for applicants of the Housing Support Portal.

The project lies West King Khaled International Airport on a total area of 5,000,047 square meters. The ministry announced that the project will boast 2,848 units between lands, villas, and apartments in addition to various amenities to meet the residents’ demands. The ministry announced also that is works on providing more housing products suitable for all scales of society.

The ministry assured that the project is about to be completed and it will be followed by more projects in the coming period especially in the shadow of the ministry partnersi with the private sector for pumping more residential units of high quality and suitable price to meet all needs.

It noted that it steps up its efforts to meet all citizens’ demands and fulfill all housing requests in a record time.

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