Housing Ministry demolishes 18 villas in Al-Qaryat, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Al Qaryat

The Saudi Housing Ministry demolishes 18 villas non-matching the construction specifications included in the specifications booklet in Al-Qaryat Housing Project in Al-Goof region North K.S.A.

The Housing Ministry assured the severity of the 18 villas situation. These villas are part of the housing project of Al-Qaryat project including 273 villas. The project witness a series of corrections and reformations of some technical mistakes observed by a monitoring committee formed by the ministry.

Akaz daily newspaper mentioned that 8 villas have already been demolished. Al-Qaryat Housing Project lies on the international road next to the Red Crescent Authority north Al-Qaryat. It extends on 375 thousand square meters and includes 273 residential units of 250 square meters.