Huge shift in the market of economic housing projects in Dubai

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The survey carried out by Al Bayan economy which included many real estate developers in Dubai announced a massive shift in the development of affordable housing projects or real estate with an average income at a time when luxury properties dominate the real estate scene in the emirate.

The survey also mentioned that many of the real estate companies exploited that opportunity and received government support for the development of economic real estate which reached since the beginning of this year, more than 26,000 housing units.

Topping all real estate companies was Al Nakheel Real Estate Company as it developed 5,100 low cost houses for rent while Nshama Company developed 18,000 low cost freehold houses for sale.

GN Properties launched 1000 economic housing units in Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum city with affordable payment plans that the market has not seen since 30 years in order to support middle-income groups.