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Initiating the award of best restaurant in Bahrain

Bahrain - April 9, 2015
best restaurant in Bahrain

The Bahraini minister of Industry and Commerce, Zayed Al Zayani, announced a new initiation launched by the ministry to specialize an award for the best restaurant in Bahrain.

The winning restaurant will be picked by the ministry in cooperation with international referees in culinary and tourism field.

The minister said during his meeting with a number of tourism sector officials that the ministry is proud with the international entities confidence in tourism sector in Bahrain. He assured also the ministry’s concern in bolstering this confidence by developing the offered facilities in Bahrain.

The meeting witnessed featuring a glimpse of the governmental plans for developing tourism sector performance. Also displaying the hospitality sector as a substantial partner in executing the government’s strategy.

The minister added during the meeting that supporting the kingdom’s economy needs providing more facilities and possibilities to elevate the whole services structure.


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