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Initializing 795 hotel rooms in the hospitality sector of Mecca

Saudi Arabia - January 12, 2016
Tourism Commission

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage announced that tourism hospitality sector in respect of reservations in Saudi Arabia has flourished by large. The commission added in its statement that the sector prepares to host visitors by initializing 795 hotel facilities including 155 thousand rooms aiming at providing the best services to visitors and pilgrims during Umra and mid-year vacation seasons.

The large tourists’ influx on the central area in Mecca during the mid-year vacation increased the occupancy rate all around the holy city by 90%. Experts think that the improvement in occupancy rate returns to the stability of demand which encourages expansion in hotel projects investments especially in the areas which witness high turnout.

An official in one of the prominent hotels in the central area cleared that demand on hotel reservation reaches 100 percent during peak times, he added that the closer hotels are to the Haram, the higher their room prices will be.


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