Investcorp increases its investments in world property market

Bahrain Investcorp

The Gulf real estate investors Investcorp plans to ramp up its investments in the world real estate. The company seeks doubling up its assets to 25 billion dollars in the coming five years.

The company plans to spend 1.5 billion dollars on US real estate purchases during this fiscal year.

Investcorp plans also investing 200 million dollars in European real estate market starting from the new fiscal year.

The company witnessed a reshuffle in its managing board as two new co-chief executive officers were appointed after Abdul Rahman Salim Al Ateeqi, the last chairman, retired.

With the new appointments, the company pursues a new strategy to double its assets, expand investment products, and seek larger transactions in United States.

It’s worth mentioning that Investcorp was one of the first companies to channel its investments into US and Europe real estate markets. The company made a number of significant purchases in US over the last six months most notably a residential property in Boca Raton, Florida, and industrial property in Atlanta.