Investment opportunities for Kuwaitis in DAMAC Maison

UAE DAMAC Maison Tower

Damac provides a tremendous opportunity for Kuwaiti investors within DAMAC Maison project where it gives them the opportunity to purchase a luxury residential property in Dubai at a starting price of 666 thousand dirhams and that is during their stay in Dubai as the company also offers real estate rental service to them when they are abroad and return the property to the owner again in its original condition.

Managing Director and CEO of DAMAC Ziad Shaar explained that the company gives details to the owner of the property on the tenants to ensure a certain quality of the tenant to his luxurious property.

It is worth mentioning that this opportunity provides a return on investment up to 20%. And also the company offers advanced services to its customers as it allows them to communicate with the company online and show them all of the real estate transactions and finalizes them where the owner will be required to come only to get his proprietary right.