Khalifa City unveils its first dedicated maternity hospital project

UAE Khalifa City

Khalifa City, the residential suburb situated in Abu Dhabi, has announced that a dedicated maternity hospital will be built within it. This will be the first dedicated maternity hospital to be developed in the famous suburb.

With its planned completion date being in 2021, the new hospital will comprise 120 beds, an intensive care unit, and postnatal and antenatal beds. In addition to that, the hospital will also house the most advanced equipment and healthcare facilities as well as several operating and delivery rooms, ultra sound stations, CT scanners and an MRI machine.

The hospital will hire high-caliber personnel including a couple of dozens of healthcare specialists, doctors and hundreds of nurses, as well as several administrative and technical personnel.

In his comment on the new hospital project, Mohamed Hamad, CEO of the European Hospital LLC, explained that Khalifa City was selected to be the new project’s location since this would maximize the number of families whom the hospital will be able to serve. Hamad added that the hospital’s surrounding area have around 30,000 families living in it while there is no specialized maternity hospital there in the current time to cater to their healthcare needs.