King of Bahrain praises Marassi Al Bahrain project

Bahrain Marasi Al Bahrain

The King of Bahrain has praised the projects carried out by the Kuwaiti Financial House KFH in Bahrain.

King Hamad of Bahrain has praised also Marassi Al-Bahrain project during the reception of Eagle Hills Abu Dhabi and Dyar Al Muharraq delegates. The project according to King Hamad resembles a significant addition to the national economy and is consistent with the government’s plan based on diversifying the national income.

Ahmed El Obyan, the executive manager of KFH-Bahrain which owns 50% of Dyar Al Muharraq shares,  shed the light on the importance of these kinds of projects which has a great hand in supporting the national economy and attracting foreign investments.

Marassi Al Bahrain project comes as a result of collaboration between Dyar Al Muharraq and Eagle Hills real estate development companies. It’s considered one of the most important projects to be constructed on Bahrain Eastern coast.

The project is stretched on 865 thousand square meters, it includes hotels, restaurants, and recreational centers construction in addition to residential units which will reach 3500 apartments.