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KSA witnesses 114 thousand deals since the start of the year

Saudi Arabia - March 22, 2016
KSA property deals

A report issued by the Ministry of Justice cleared that the number of real estate deals sealed in KSA reached 114,344 deals with a total value 146.9 billion SAR from the start of Hijri year.

The report emphasized that the residential sector has the biggest number of deals with 97,934 deals worth 86,944 billion riyals. The commercial sector registered 16,400 deals of 59.9 billion riyals.

The most significant real estate deals concluded on lands reached 96,821 deals of 131.6 billion riyals including 83,695 deals of 74.5 billion riyals and 13,126 commercial lands deals of 57.1 billion SAR.

The number of deals sealed in the Eastern region reached 19,237 deals of 20.9 billion riyals. The residential sector had 16,318 deals of 14.7 billion riyals, while the commercial sector witnessed 2,919 deals worth 6.2 billion riyals.

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