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Kuwait builds a KD49 million Motor Town

Kuwait - August 3, 2016
Motor Town

Kuwait Amiri Diwan awarded a KD 49-million contract of Motor Town project to the local developer Bayan International Trading Company.

The company is entitled to design and build the whole project south of Kuwait City in Orafjan area. The project will lie on Wafra Road, according to Kuwait News Agency (KNA).

The Motor Town will be a world-class automotive sports city, it will include seven racing circuits to enable it host Formulan One and MotoGP races in the near future.

The construction contract includes building a pit area, media centre, hotel, shopping centre, all will be completed in the next project’s phase.

The Motor Town was designed by a German designing house “Tilke” which has a track record full of popular F1 circuits including Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Tilke said that Motor Town will position itself as a unique tourism destination with a wide array of entertainment facilities, which will attract masses of tourists.

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