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Kuwaiti Housing Ministry distributing 45 residential units

Kuwait - February 22, 2015
المؤسسة العامة للرعاية السكنية

The general organization of housing welfare has distributed around 43 thousand residential units on citizens, and will distribute more 24 thousand units in the coming period.

The Kuwaiti Housing Minister, Yasser Abel, implied that the ministry is currently distributing 45 thousand units while more 60 thousand units will be distributed upon the plan in the coming 5 years.

The five-year plan made by the Kuwaiti government was approved by the Ummah Council to deal with the state economic problems like housing, employment, health, and education. The government plan was described as accurate by many parliament members as the government has put specific timing to execute development projects for the first time.

Riyadh Al Farras, the secretary general for development affairs, has said that the five-year plan costs 34 billion dinars, while the government appropriations for the first year reached 6,6 billion dinars divided on 92 new projects and 429 projects still under construction.


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