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Mazaya: Bahrain property market passes through successful experiences

Bahrain - March 7, 2016
Foreign ownership of properties in Bahrain does not exceed 7%

The weekly real estate report of Mazaya Holding mentioned that Bahrain Real Estate market is passing lately through a number of successful freehold experiences. The report cleared that freehold projects in Bahrain different and varied as they diversify between upscale housing projects, villa projects, and medium housing apartments. The freehold projects come as a part of the Kingdom’s comprehensive freehold projects which are considered the best investment opportunities in Bahrain.

The report mentioned that Bahrain came fifth in the future cities list. It’s worth mention that the list takes into consideration the economic capabilities of the country, its investment atmosphere, and investment attractiveness. This means that Bahrain has the elements of attracting foreign investments which consist with its goals represented in expanding investments and partnerships with other economic models.

The report assures that there are plenty of investment opportunities ahead of the region’s market as it is considered as a safe asylum for diverse investment. This comes in consistence with investor’s desire in investing their money in secured assets with low tax costs in addition to the government’s endeavors to braking the prices surge.

The region’s market have succeeded in evading other market bubbles in real estate, this means that the markets are more mature and more capable of maintaining long-term foreign investments.


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