Mecca real estate achieves 1063 deals during Jumada Al-Akhar

Saudi Arabia Mecca Real Estate

The real estate deals value declines last month in Mecca compared with the prior month as implied by the Information Center in Mecca Commerce Chamber.

The recession value reached 53% as Jumada Al-Thani deals value was 2.8 billion SAR scattered between 2.5 billion for residential sector and 350 million for commercial sector.

Sealed deals number fell as well compared to the same period of the last month by 26% as deals number reached 1063 deals, it also depreciated compared to the previous Jumada Al-Awal month by 27%.

Mecca came in the third position in terms of real estate activity after Riyadh which achieved 5244 deals and Jeddah which made 2304 deals.

Mecca real estate deals know are for their high value leaving adding up to its statistics. The city witnessed in Jumada Al-Akhar a deal worth 300 million SAR in Al Maabda area, and another worth 115 million in Grool area.