Meeting studying restructuring Muttrah City held in Oman

Oman Muttrah

A meeting was held between parliament members in Oman and members of Muttrah Municipality Council in addition to representatives for Muscat Municipality and delegation of Haya Water Company and Sering International.

The meeting included displaying the infrastructure and restructure projects of Muttrah City which aims elevating the living standards and the economic status of Muttrah inhabitants besides retaining the city’s historic heritage.

The current situation of Muttrah; congested streets, ineffectiveness of rain drainage and sanitation systems, etc. urged the government to start restructuring the city in accordance with the international safety and sanitation standards.

The project consultancy “Searing International” is currently working on studying the city’s heritage. The company is collecting also myriad of data and studies around the city’s social components, transportation and public facilities in order to reach the best employment of available land plots and executing the project on scientific basis.

The meeting aims attaining enough support of the attending parliament and Muttrah Municipality members for the consultancy’s plans and suggestions for the project execution.