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The minister of housing: 9000 units monthly to solve housing crisis

Saudi Arabia - November 27, 2016

The minister of housing Majed Elhokel said that housing problem requires providing 9000 residential units monthly, according to national media Elhokel said that the topic represents in owning percent not in residential units percent.
according to the statistics of the electricity company there are more than 400 thousand residential products are available annual. He confirms that the ministry play a prominent role to provide units for all income groups, not for certain segments.
He added that there are about 2.6 million applications the ministry would receive over the next fifteen years due to housing increase and enter new segments of Young Benedict which will cause a significant growth in housing demand.
It is worth mentioning that over the past years Saudi Arabia spend tens of billions of dollars to solve the housing crisis, but the difficulty of obtaining lands did not make it capable of providing adequate housing units in the market

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