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More residential lands are available in Jubail

Saudi Arabia - November 11, 2015

Dr. Mosleh El Oteby (Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu) announced that they have accomplished the construction and the development of 3 districts completely and this is equal to what they have developed among the past 30 years, he cleared that the Royal Kingdom is working on developing and preparing 2 more.

He added that the industrial city of Jubail included 2 districts only and this was in the year of 1975, which led to a housing crisis in Jubail in the present time, and this crisis has been a source of inconvenience for the Royal Commission and citizens alike.

More over the royal Kingdom was making all its efforts to respond to the requests of the companies working in Jubail in order to allocate the necessary areas of land to provide housing for all employees of those companies for the purpose of acquisition, construction directly.

He also pointed out that the Royal Commission directs all its potential for developing the areas that needs to be developed, they also seek to provide jobs with quality and efficiency for large numbers of Saudi youth, it also provides them with highly effective training programs that is beneficial to the employee and the company.

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