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Nael General Contracting Group builds villa a day in UAE

UAE - May 8, 2019

In a remote corner of the garden city of Al Ain, there is a chain of companies under the umbrella of Nael General Contracting Group. And their task is to literally make a villa a day. Factory units driving the process include Nael cement, cement products, ready-mix concrete, steel structures and stainless steel, marbles and granites, aluminium and glass, joinery and interiors and crusher.

Group general manager Joseph Varghese said visionary steps have powered growth. They reinvested their profits in factories to add products which can support construction. They made efficient use of technology to establish 14 factories to produce different products.

Joseph said advanced precast technology helped the group to fast track work and realise a villa a day Al Hayer – Emirati housing development project.

Last year they finished 300 villas in 300 days. But now they have increased their capacity and can deliver more. They have learnt to be more efficient. They have their own engineering methods. They do road construction too, he noted the cohesion between all units helps to handover every project on time.

The Group has 15 to 20 projects this year and enough work to be occupied till 2020. Also, they have projects worth Dh2 billion per year. Their profit margin is 10 to 12%. They have 8-10 ongoing projects in Al Ain.

A villa will have 90 to 200 panels which will be cast, produced, demolded and transported to the site. The panels are built on top of a pallet and filled with concrete. Up to 92 panels are raised in a day with hollow core ‘prestressed slabs’ for a roof. These 92 panels are installed at the site to make a villa. High load carrying capacity slabs are made through prestressing technology. In between insulation will come and then conduits like electrical switchboards, pipes etc. Apart from the superstructure, works of steel, stainless steel, aluminium cladding and glass, joinery and interiors, woodwork, flooring and painting, and landscaping are done in tandem at other factories and assembled on site.

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