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Nakheel Properties Company opens the bidding door for two residential projects in Dubai

UAE - January 6, 2015
Dubai Residential Projects

Nakheel Properties Company has invited different construction companies to bid for the execution of two residential projects in Dubai where 2016 is scheduled to be the year for the projects completion.

The total cost of the two projects is 4.5 Billion dirhams, where the first project “The palm getaway” costs three Billion dirhams whereas the second project “Nad el Sheba” costs 1.5 Billion dirhams.

The closure of the bidding for the first project which is situated in Palm Jumeirah is scheduled to be on the 11th of this month, while the closure of the bidding for the second project situated in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road will be on the 25th of this month.

The company who wins the execution contract is obliged to build residential villas in addition to all the infrastructure works, finishes, construction works, natural scenery and design and construction of a cooling station. Whereas the designing and engineering supervision works were awarded to Arif Ben Tok for Engineering Consultancy.

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