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New contract between Dyar Al-Muharraq Real Estate and Housing Ministry in Bahrain

Bahrain - March 26, 2015
Dyar Al-Muharreq

Dyar Al-Muharraq Real Estate Co. related to KFH-Bahrain has signed a major contract with Bahraini Housing Minister worth 276 million BHD.

Housing Minister according to the contract will buy 3100 residential units in Dyar Al-Muharraq project to be displayed in the Social Residence Program in the kingdom.

Dyar Al-Muharraq Company will deliver 1900 units on the spot and construct new 1152 units with a value cap of 120 thousadn BHD.

The projects will be supervised by the Housing Bank of Bahrain and Dyar Al-Muharraq Real Estate Co. Ahmed Al-Obyan the head of KFH-Bahrain said that Dyar Al-Muharraq Co. contributed in stimulating the real estate market and flourishing investments in this field. Al-Obyan added that the project stands as a strong evidence of successful collaboration between government and private sector.


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