New detour in Riyadh to make way for metro station

Saudi Arabia New detour in central Riyadh

A new detour was announced by Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) to make way for a metro station in central Riyadh.

Work on Riyadh Metro project Blue Line – the Olaya-Batha axis- has commenced last Thursday.

The detour sits at the intersection of two major avenues, adjacent to the Kingdom Tower. The road will be closed for traffic westward and eastward of the intersection.

However, movement between Olaya Street and Musaeid Al-Anqari Street will continue. The detour has arranged for alternate passageways for drivers.

The detour also improved on traffic at the site, by removing the traffic light at the intersection of Olaya Street and Orouba Road. This reduced the duration of the traffic light at the intersection of King Fahd Road and Orouba Road, decreasing congestion and waiting time.

ADA has organized regular field visits to the site, headed by a specialized team. They will be updating residents and owners with commercial activities, adjacent to the site, on the traffic detour, temporary procedures, and regulations associated with it.

This step is taken as a measure to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, smooth flow of traffic, and continued business operations in the area.