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The new tourism regulations in Saudi Arabia are ready

Saudi Arabia - April 4, 2018
A beach in Saudi Arabia

According to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, tourism regulations in Saudi Arabia governing tourist visas have been completed and submitted to the government for approval, and a statement from the Saudi government is expected soon.

SCTH said in its statement that the new regulations were discussed and reviewed in a series of meetings and workshops with relevant government institutions, taking into account valuable inputs from investors, tourism and transport professionals and service providers.

Under the supervision of a team headed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Saudi authorities have also developed an integrated electronic system to process and record visa transactions.

Saudi Arabia aims for doubling the number of travelers visiting the Kingdom to 30 million within the next 12 years, up from 18 million in 2016. Previously the only tourists in Saudi Arabia were the ones coming to perform Hajj and Umrah . Now Vision 2030 includes turning Saudi Arabia into a tourist destination.

“The kingdom, as the cradle of Islam, possesses an unparalleled cultural heritage, and is growing a tourism industry rich in natural, cultural and purely touristic destinations. On top of that, the Saudi people have a long tradition of showing great generosity, hospitality and warm welcomes to people from around the world.” Prince Sultan bin Salman, SCTH President, said.

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