New water park planned in Bahrain’s Daih


Plans are underway to build a new water park in the village of Daih and can be powered by solar energy, according to a senior adviser.

Initial plans include a large swimming pool for all age groups, a smaller children’s pool and water games.

A general tender for development will be opened soon, according to the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the capital, Saleh Tarradah.

Engineer Munther Dhaif, Director of the Department of Architectural Design and Beauty at the Ministry, said the project will also include a store for water sports equipment and other facilities.

He said 32 parking spaces would be provided, as well as side spaces that could be used in the future if necessary, because the initial design provided by the ministry was simple, taking into account the reduced development cost. The 7000 square metre project aims to create a modern garden different from existing ones.

He also revealed the project’s location will be strategic, close to several areas such as Daih, Sanabis, Jidhafs and Seef. Visitors will be charged a minor fee.

Mr Tarradah suggested that the water park be operated using solar energy and will play its role in providing Bahrain with an additional source of income as well as benefiting from its location to attract tourists as well as citizens and residents.

He also stressed the importance of allowing leniency in the design of the project (although the Ministry has submitted the initial plan), taking into account changes requested by the investor.

It has been suggested that an increase in the number of car spaces available, as well as the use of umbrellas for swimming pools, especially in the summer heat and possibly the use of solar energy to run the project. The investor should be responsible not only for project development but also for maintenance and operation throughout the contract period and the whole park will be under its responsibility.

It is also important to ensure that the fees are small and appropriate so that everyone can access the park and enjoy its facilities and consider the possibility of dedicating a day to women only a week.

The project aims to enhance Bahrain’s status as a tourist destination with programs and activities available to families throughout the year.

Mr Tarradah also revealed the possibility of incorporating other entertainment facilities within the project, which might include video games, a food court, or other entertainment facilities as per the investor’s plans.