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Om El Donia exhibition to be held in Bahrain starting from tomorrow

Bahrain - March 18, 2015
Bahrain real estaet

Kingdom of Bahrain hosts Om El Donia real estate exhibition which will take place in Crown Plaza Hotel with the participation of around 40 Egyptian and international real estate companies.

The exhibition is organized by Afaq Real Estate Co. The exhibition will last for 3 days starting from March 19th to March 21st.

Mohammed Rezq, owner of Afaq Real Estate, said that the exhibition will include 15 major real estate companies which have real estate investments in and out Egypt worth more than 30 billion dollars.

The exhibition aims to introduce Bahraini businessmen and real estate investors to the real estate projects and investment opportunities in the Egyptian real estate sector.

The exhibition will include 40 projects in Egypt, in addition to enticing offers for Arab investors to invest in the properties sector. Rezq added that the exhibition costs reached 100 thousand dinars, works on the exhibition organization started 6 months ago. A press conference will be held during the exhibition attended by officials from Bahraini Trade and Industry Ministry in addition to notable Egyptian real estate figures.

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